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Taylor Lautner
Whether he’s on the Twilight Saga set, or mowing the lawn at his parent’s house (yes, he still mows the lawn!), Taylor Lautner has a world famous hard body that we just can’t get enough of. One thing’s for sure, whenever Taylor is photographed we’ll have fresh, hot updates for our valued members. All the sexual goodness that has been spawned by the Twilight Saga will be covered in depth in the Hung Celebs members area!

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Ricky Martin
For years we all suspected that Ricky Martin was into guys; he’s finally confirmed it! This rock solid latino celebrity is out and willing to show the world what he’s all about. One thing’s for certain, Ricky Martin has great taste. Not only do we have shots of the sexy singer, but we also have an archive of his super yummy companions frolicking with him on beaches or stark naked in other outdoor situations. Ricky, we’re liking what we see!

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Shia Labeouf
When you’re hot, you’re hot. Shia has been in the public eye for quite some time and we’ve finally compiled an extensive library of the sexiest shots of this young male celebrity. From shirtless pics, to jean bulges and magazine photo shoots we have everything that is Shia LaBeof!

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Zac Efron
This blue eyed beauty needs no introduction. His amazing looks and confident demeanor have made him an instant Hollywood success and he boasts a wide range of awards and nominations to boot. Not to be superficial but his awards are the last thing we’re thinking about. How can you get enough of this hunk? You simply cannot. See him in all his glory inside our world class male celebrity members area!

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Neil Patrick Harris
Not only is he out of the closet, he continues to star in the award winning series How I Met Your Mother. He plays a woman loving stud in the series but we all know what team he bats for. Tap in to our in-depth resources with the hottest pics and video of our personal hero, Neil Patrick Harris!

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Ashton Kutcher
Did you think that Demi Moore’s boy toy Ashton Kutcher was the typical all-American boy next door? Think again. This sexy actor has been in some super steamy movie scenes showing off not only his super tight ass but his rocking abs and overall perfect body. Guess what? We have EVERY SINGLE shot of Ashton’s perfect body in our award winning member’s area!

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Robert Pattinson
Voted by two top magazines as the hottest male on the planet in 2009 and 2010 as well as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world, this blood sucking vampire that we all know and love has a cornucopia of sexy modeling pics showing off all of his ass-ets if you know what I mean. See the full library of this model turned Twilight heart-throb in our perpetually updated members section!

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David Beckham
One of the most recognized international pro athletes in the world and now plying his trade in Los Angeles, David Beckham is an international hottie that has something for everyone’s tastes. His soft spoken ways, boyish charisma and dedicated leadership on the field together with his amazing looks sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Sexy good looks, lots of money and heaps of fame all add to the lure that is the adonis known as David Beckham! See it all inside!

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Daniel Radcliffe
Good ole Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is of legal age and this sexy British twins has some things he’d like to show us. That’s right, he’s baring it all and showing all of his manly features to the appreciative members of Hung Celebs. He ain’t a boy anymore, look out!

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Justin Timberlake
With his roots in the Mickey Mouse club, you’d think Justin was destined for that squeaky clean image for the rest of his life. Luckily for us, he rebelled, joined a boy band and subsequently went solo singing and acting careers winning Grammies, Emmies and the like. He’s been around long enough for us to scrutinize and select his hottest photos and videos for our members’ pleasure!

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Brad Pitt
Voted the world’s sexiest male a few times by multiple magazines, Brad Pitt continues to defy the ages and emerges as one of the century’s most sought after and hottest male actors. So much, in fact, that just his very name is used as another way to say ultimate hottie. Experience all of Brad Pitt’s hottest moments inside our always up to date members area!

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Hugh Jackman
Yet another world’s sexiest man award winner, Hugh Jackman’s appeal spans a wide range of demographics. Admirers from all walks of life find something in Hugh to love. By the looks of him, it’s quite undeniable that this rugged hunk emits a ray of sex appeal like none other. See him stripped down to the core only inside Hung Celebs!